Music Keyboards
We are very happy and grateful indeed to have had the opportunity to supply hundreds of keyboards over the last years to many individuals and organizations!

We import in world class keyboards for arguably every category. Whether you are the biggest church in the region, band, music school, music student, just starting off with a keyboard or just an enthusiast, we got you fully covered.

From super powerful 88 weighted key keyboards like Yamaha Motifs and Korg Triton to a simple keyboards for beginners, welcome to your perfect store!

Call us and receive free expert advice and recommendations on which machine is I deal for you!

Want an idea on how to choose a keyboard?
Are you a beginner or have to choose a keyboard for some one? Here is powerful information that you will find very useful:

If you’re buying for someone doing music lessons, whether they will do it at home or music school, you should be looking out for a keyboard with 7 octaves or 88 keys and preferably, the keys should be weighted. Usually the more keys on the keyboards, the more expensive it will tend to be. The bottom line is that your focus is on “how many keys are there?” In other words, 88 keys on a simple keyboards is better than 61 on a fancy expensive keyboard if you are buying for your classical music student.

None the less, if circumstances cannot permit you to go with the ideal keyboard, you can consider one with fewer keys. We would recommend that at least it should be 61 keys or 5 octaves and if possible, touch sensitive. Touch sensitivity is an in-built behavior in pianos which allows the volume of keys pressed to respond to the amount of force used. That means that when you press harder, the sound is louder than when you press gently.

If the Keyboard is for a church or a band, extras become a big deal, for example, can it split the keyboard into left and right? Can it add another voice in the background also called layering? Does it have tap tempo ability? Can they connect to a sustain pedal? Are its tones leading edge and compliant with the modern player requirements?
If its for performance or stage, or the exactness of tones is key and machines like Yamaha Motifs and Korg Tritons have been the epitome of stage power and elegance. There are numerous new models available now and our consultant will be happy to guide through so you make a choice you will always be grateful for!

While these are not conclusive benefits to look out for, they provide an incredible guide line. Because of the wide variation in the models and brands of keyboards, we recommend that you call our experts for free advice and recommendations; they are always honored to assist you!

What Clients Say

  • I regard this as the loveliest shop in the country! -- Eddie Kisitu, Kampala
  • My wife is in love with the Yamaha P 95 portable piano, it was the perfect present since loves currying it often to church! Thank you very much indeed! - Magnum, Lubowa Kampala
  • Our Kawai upright piano is wonderful! We are very happy with it and it has been a wonderful part of our family. Thank you and we will always come back to you again and again!  - Mrs Lee,  Lubowa Kampala
  • I have had  my piano for two years and the drum set for one year and I want more and more instruments from you even those you don’t sale because am not ready going elsewhere! - Evas, Bugolobi, Kampala