What Special about our Academy?

Uganda Music Academy is the only music academy in Uganda that is owned and run by a piano store.

What that means is that you have direct access to the best instruments right for free in unlimited number and variety, bearing in mind that we also run Uganda’s largest and leading piano store. While many times other music schools bring their students here for practice at our academy for a fee, we avail our own students instruments for practice free of charge since we importers and owners of the same.

What we offer

Music lessons in

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin

Percussion and saxophone are in the final stages of being added on this list

Our Syllabus

We run an international syllabus that we got from Germany where we also have correspondence and run our academy at an international standard. What that means is that if a child has been doing music at our academy, they can go to the UK or Germany and continue with the same music. It’s internationally acceptable and progressive.

Admission Ages and Eligibility

We welcome children from age 4 to Adults of any age. At this moment, we have students as young as 4 years to adults who are well above 40. However to qualify, you must be ready to study and pledge a high degree of dedication and commitment.

Course fees

Each course pack is 250,000=

Registration fees is 15000=

This is school fees for an entire course pack which consists of 12 lessons that fall over 2- 3months depending on whether you choose the once or twice a week lesson schedule. We recommend the twice a week schedule for adult students in which case the time period for a course pack is 2months (including a two week break) and once a week schedule for school going pupils and students in which case the time period is 3 months. However during holidays, their time table is adjusted to have the twice a week schedule since they have more time. This allows them to move faster and finish their course earlier (in 21/2 months) after which we can allow them to enroll for the next course.

Time table and study times

We have classes from Monday to Saturday. We go a long way to give convenience to our clients, allowing them convenient time in their schedule which falls on a class on the time table.

Ideally, a lesson lasts 1 hour for a class and takes place twice a week for every particular class.

Courses are divided into course packs which last ideally 2-3months depending on the frequency you sign up for (once or twice a week). When a course pack is completed, the student is allowed to enroll for next course pack until they finish a course or Grade. A course may have a minimum of one course pack and a student is a warded a certificate on completion

Why should you choose us?

  1. Being Uganda’s largest and leading music store means that we that we can avail we equip our academy with world class machines with utmost ease
  2. This also gives us capacity to avail you or your children these instruments free practice which otherwise is paid for
  3. You get a comprehensive pack which molds you to an understanding of both the classical and contemporary worlds, which is the future of music. Simply put, you are able to play both by reading and by ear which puts in perfect positioning for different circumstances.
  4. Convenience: we allow students to choose study times appropriate to their schedule and that makes it very easy for our students to enroll and pursue their courses and we open till late to give chance to a variety of study schedules and life styles
  5. Our mission is to build world class music academies running at an international standard offering  leading edge music academy services at the lowest possible cost while our vision is to a leading model and provider of the same in the East African region


PS, We give you 100% your money back if after 1 month you decide that it was not worth it!

Do you have some more questions? We will be very happy to answer them call us or email us and be assured of the best services!


Piano stores Uganda is currently the largest and leading Piano Store in Uganda

What Clients Say

  • I regard this as the loveliest shop in the country! -- Eddie Kisitu, Kampala
  • My wife is in love with the Yamaha P 95 portable piano, it was the perfect present since loves currying it often to church! Thank you very much indeed! - Magnum, Lubowa Kampala
  • Our Kawai upright piano is wonderful! We are very happy with it and it has been a wonderful part of our family. Thank you and we will always come back to you again and again!  - Mrs Lee,  Lubowa Kampala
  • I have had  my piano for two years and the drum set for one year and I want more and more instruments from you even those you don’t sale because am not ready going elsewhere! - Evas, Bugolobi, Kampala