Just in case you don’t know which piano you need to be taking home at this time, we are going to give you expert advice in a very simplified form, taking you step by step. At the end we guarantee that you will know exactly what is more appropriate for your circumstances! The best piano for you depends on what your intended end use is. Which of the following categories best applies to your circumstances?


If you are buying a piano for your home (for use at home by parents, children, visitors, for Music lessons, beauty and complementing furniture and adding value and class to your living room and home in general), the best option is a FULL SIZE STAND-ALONE PIANO. The benefits being that they are Furniture like, stand alone and look very attractive. They not only compliment your furniture and add outrageous beauty and value to your home but also for a long time they have been the epitome of beauty and Class. Being full size also means you won’t need to buy again and they are durable and last a very long time. If you have children doing music lessons, they can be used for practice purposes as well.
These come in 3 types depending on your taste, space and budget:
Grand pianos are the usually 3 legged and D shaped pianos a with cover on top, they are top of the range and produce superior wholesome sound compared to all the others. They don’t need electricity to work. They are usually more expensive and use more space and require periodic tuning and maintenance. They are incredibly glorious and are the epitome of elegance! Baby Grands are a smaller version of grand pianos Upright acoustic pianos come in next. They are great for home, they cost less than Grands and have excellent sound and look very beautiful in the living room. They don’t need electricity to work, only periodic tuning. At piano Stores Uganda, we testify that this is the most commonly bought non-electric piano. Digital Upright Pianos: They look much like the Acoustic upright pianos described above in shape, except that they are usually less bulky so take less volume and use electricity. Modern digital pianos have spectacular designs and phenomenal outputs that make them perfect substitutes for acoustic pianos where less bulk is required. The fact that they cost much less and give more options and bigger interaction interface to users while presenting almost the same results as their non-electric counterparts explains why they have become an a revolutionary phenomenon! Undoubtedly, these are the most bought pianos in the world. Age old Piano makers like Yamaha and Kawai have come out very innovatively on the digital piano making absolutely impressive
advancements that have driven demand high in the digital piano market, making digital pianos like a hot cake! All the signs available point to a very bright future of endlessness possibilities for the Digital piano! All the pianos described above will not only satisfy you piano playing needs but will add envied class, value and elegance to your living room and home in general! Therefore, for your home piano purposes you will do well to choose from the above categories Very importantly though, if you don’t have a big budget for a piano, a great digital piano will be a choice you will be grateful for! Have a question? We will be happy to give you free expert advice. Send your question to one of our consultants and be assured of the best support


As a classic music student, a full size piano (one with 88 weighted keys) should be your utmost target. It means that you have a full size work platform and are free to do or play any piece you want on your piano without being limited by the number of keys. That full size platform we just explained is available for you on the Grand piano, Upright piano, digital Upright piano as well as 88 weighted key depending on your budget and space. portable pianos A Grand or Upright piano could be your first priority though a digital piano will be waiting perfectly in the side lines just in case your budget and space options are limited. Ideally they should have 88 weighted keys. In case for budget or other reason cannot go with the above, the next in queue is a portable digital piano, 88 weighted keys on a portable keyboard. You can attach a sustain pedal and you should be fine.

Finally when all the above have not worked, you can get yourself an ordinary keyboard, usually 61 keys. An important fact here is that the more keys, the better. 88 keys on a simple touch sensitive keyboard are better than 62 keys on a fancy costly keyboard if you are acquiring it for classical music purposes. Pianos for Church
A modern church will do great with the mix of acoustic piano and digital piano and a modern keyboard. To date, church has incredible options in this area. These are our recommendations:

First of all, an awesome grand piano, baby grand or upright piano will look good on any church. In situations where accompaniments are a key requirement, there is a breed of Clavinova ( digital pianos) built with ground breaking beats, many voices for a church setting. For example the Yamaha CVP series features these benefits, especially the higher series such as CVP 601 and above. Another option lies in the portable pianos such as the DGX series (for example DGX 620,640 and 650) which offer users numerous beats and styles for any occasion.

Like we said, Churches have many options and an ideal piano might depend also on what other instruments are already available. Talk to one of our consultants to give you expert advice and
assistance customized to your circumstances


Numerous Grand pianos, uprights, digital pianos and a wide variety of stage pianos are available for the
professional. Depending on your taste and situation, visit our portable/stage piano section to check
which product will best work for you!

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