1. One afternoon, a South African man named Shaun came to our store looking for his best instrument. He moved around and made his choice when he came to the pay point, he pulled an extra 20,000= note to the Cahier and said, “You can keep that too. I love what am paying for!” This short remarkable True story still means a lot. For us it boldly reminds us of our mission. People should not just be satisfied. They should feel joyous, and exceptionally blessed, somehow in a way they can’t put in words. As passionate piano experts, we only bring pianos keyboards and guitars we can PLAY AND FEEL OUR SPIRITS OUTRAGEOUSLY LIFTED while doing so!
  2. Our source country Japan is rated as the world’s no.1 exporter of pianos and our major Japanese brands Yamaha and Kawai rated among the world’s top 5 brands out of 2000 known manufacturers.
  3. Although we started off operating from home, we still managed to become Uganda’s no.1 source of the piano, selling hundreds of pianos through a powerful stream of referrals that came from many happy customers. We then opened Piano Stores Uganda which became Uganda’s first official piano store to open dedicated to the piano.
  4. We are very happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to equip music rooms of almost all leading international schools in Uganda, such as Rainbow, Galaxy international School, Heritage International School and Acorns. We have also been honored to be suppliers of instruments to many students and parents of Kampala International School Uganda, Kabila international school, Vienna College, Kampala music school, African Institute of Music. We have also been privileged to supply hundreds of pianos, keyboards and guitars to homes of many Ugandans passionate about the piano as well numerous diplomats and members of the international community. Our diplomatic list is very impressive!
  5. We have grown over the last 5 years to have the largest collection of pianos known anywhere in Uganda. Our reputation has won us the trust of clients in the neighboring countries and as result, we have been honored to have our pianos exported to Kigali, Kenya, Tanzania, DR. Congo and S. Sudan and this list keeps growing every day.
  6. Before shipping, our pianos are professionally wrapped and pelleted as you can see from the gallery photos. They are forklifted into containers and come glorious protected from shock and humidity. Arguably, these are the only pianos imported in this country in this manner. From our store, we deliver for free to our clients homes using our particular experienced piano movers who have been doing it with us for a long time!
  7. We don’t focus on competition; we are committed to being our best. We want to challenge ourselves on doing it in a way that reveals endless possibilities and inspires the world…
  8. Perhaps the most important reason you should buy from us is that we love pianos. It’s the first thing that will hit you when you come to our store. So? We take care of them like little Children and have much fun doing so! Welcome to Uganda’s Piano warehouse!

What Clients Say

  • I regard this as the loveliest shop in the country! -- Eddie Kisitu, Kampala
  • My wife is in love with the Yamaha P 95 portable piano, it was the perfect present since loves currying it often to church! Thank you very much indeed! - Magnum, Lubowa Kampala
  • Our Kawai upright piano is wonderful! We are very happy with it and it has been a wonderful part of our family. Thank you and we will always come back to you again and again!  - Mrs Lee,  Lubowa Kampala
  • I have had  my piano for two years and the drum set for one year and I want more and more instruments from you even those you don’t sale because am not ready going elsewhere! - Evas, Bugolobi, Kampala